Jules Takagishi


Jules Takagishi is our partner in Japan with who we work closely together in organizing and facilitating inspiration journeys to Japan. Harue Jules Takagishi was born in Osaka, Japan and traveled with her family in her youth, living for five years from age 7 through 12 in the United States where she learned to speak English. Jules graduated from Doshisha University with a BSc in Economics. She is also a certified simultaneous interpreter in Japanese–English.  

Jules has more than 20 years of experience in working to bridge the cultural gap between east and west including four years as an United Nations consultant to the Universal Postal Union where she was the Business Development and Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific Post, the regional Postal Union covering 37 countries in Asia Pacific. She has since held positions at Western Union in Dubai, DHL and Deutsche Post in Singapore, Country Road, Driza-Bone, and Australia Post in Australia as well as for Yamato Transport and Japan Post in Tokyo, Japan.

Jules currently works for herself as a cross-border strategy advisor for e-commerce businesses in fashion and FMCG into and out of Japan. Jules travels often to China, Singapore, and Melbourne for business, and speaks at conferences and seminars. She also provides local cultural insight for consumer segmentation projects as well as to Iconoculture and other bespoke consumer behavior research projects.

Outside of her corporate and professional roles, Jules is one of the Global Ambassadors for the International Alliance for Women, a global networking organization bringing together professional women from around the globe. TIAW’s annual conventions attract such high calibre keynote speakers as Madeline Albright, Hilary Clinton, and former PM of New Zealand, Dame Jenny Shipley.

Jules is also a III degree black belt in Taekwon-Do, which she started at the age of 36 and is currently the head instructor of her own Taekwon-Do school. She is the reigning light-weight women’s sparring champion in Japan for ITF Taekwon-Do.